What is a handmade metric?

Every child's room is a unique space that is supposed to be conducive to learning and playing, but also to provide a sense of security. To meet such serious challenges, many parents opt for colorful wallpaper, wall stickers, posters and children's metrics. What exactly are the latter?
A baby tag is nothing more than a printed graphic with information about the child's birth, such as height, weight and date of birth. We distinguish various types metrics Such as wooden metrics and printed metrics.

Handmade definition

On the Internet, it is becoming more and more common to see items made "handmade," but we know that not everyone is fluent in English. What does the word "handmade" actually mean? The direct translation is "handmade" and this is exactly how the graphics for our baby tags are created. There are many reasons why our company relies precisely on handmade. One of them is the author's unique drawings, painted using the watercolor method, which stand out from metrics with graphics copied from the Internet or licensed.

Handmade metric - why choose it?

We distinguish many accessories for a child's room that make the room seem more cozy and safe. One such accessory is a baby metric. On the market, we can find many types of metrics, and these include wooden metrics and printed metrics - i.e., those that are available in the Royal Rabbits store. Our tags are friendly to the health of the child, in addition, they are not allergenic and do not irritate his skin.

Metrics from Royal Rabbits

On the market there are many metrics with pasted, ready-made graphics from the Internet, which are often of very poor quality. To avoid disappointment, it is better to bet on proven brands and their products. Royal Rabbits company is a leader in the domestic market of baby tags, whose each tag, wallpaper, wall sticker is characterized by unique graphics, hand-painted using the watercolor method. Children's metrics from our company is the highest quality paper, canvas and photographic printing and color retention for many years. Each is printed on special order on fine art canvas or 230g matte archival paper. Special photographic printing ensures very high quality of illustrations and color reproduction thanks to special 10 photographic inks.


Metric 1:1 Marianka Metric for girls Collection Metric 1:1 | interior decoration of a girl's room

For a girl's room

Metric 1:1 Marianka

119,20 zł

Metric 1:1 Helena Metric for girls collection Metric 1:1 | interior decoration of a girl's room

For a girl's room

Metric 1:1 Helenka

119,20 zł

Metric 1:1 Francis Metric for boy Collection Metric 1:1 | room interior decoration for boy's room

For a boy's room

Metric 1:1 Francis

119,20 zł

Personalization of metrics

Metrics are a great option for people who want to give a unique gift from the heart. After all, there are metrics available on the market from companies like Royal Rabbits that can be personalized. In the case of our baby nametags, personalization is possible:
-place of birth,
We invite you to check the offer available on our website.

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