Flowers Wallpaper

Original price was: 139,00 zł.Current price is: 104,25 zł. / m²
Original price was: 139,00 zł.Current price is: 104,25 zł. / m²
Original price was: 139,00 zł.Current price is: 104,25 zł. / m²
Original price was: 139,00 zł.Current price is: 104,25 zł. / m²
Original price was: 139,00 zł.Current price is: 104,25 zł. / m²
Original price was: 139,00 zł.Current price is: 104,25 zł. / m²
Original price was: 139,00 zł.Current price is: 104,25 zł. / m²
Original price was: 139,00 zł.Current price is: 104,25 zł. / m²
Original price was: 139,00 zł.Current price is: 104,25 zł. / m²

Wallpaper in flowers - the beauty of nature in your home

Wallpapers in flowers have long been popular, but recently they have been particularly fashionable. For it is timely to be close to nature, whose unspeakable beauty is an inexhaustible inspiration - and not only for artists. Choosing a floral wallpaper for your home, you are betting on a delicate and original decoration, giving the interior a unique character. Such wallpapers are especially suitable for rooms decorated in Provençal, romantic, rustic or vintage style, they are also dreamed of for a child's room.

If you're looking for a floral wallpaper with a particularly subtle pattern that's perfect for a girl's room, look out for the following daisy wallpaper, as well as for wallpaper in roses. How about wallpaper decorated with larger flowers? Take a look at the forest flowers wallpaper, for example! Among our unusual wallpaper for the home you will find a variety of designs - both classic and modern and more unusual.

Choose the most beautiful hand-painted floral wallpaper

It's hard to deny that flowers painted using the watercolor technique look particularly delicate and have an amazing charm. If every day you want to admire just such depicted flora, then you are in the right place, because our flower wallpapers, like all other products in the store, have been hand-painted with watercolors! The floral wallpapers available in our store are a unique aesthetic addition that brings freshness, tranquility and good mood to any interior. Importantly, the colors of these wallpapers are subtle and evoke positive emotions, making them ideal for a child's room. Wallpapers in flowers are especially recommended for a girl's room. The little lady will be delighted with such a work of art decorating the walls of her kingdom.

Or are you also looking around for a stylish wallpaper for your living room? Check out the elegant and timeless striped wallpapers, which add class to any room!

Creating a romantic room for a girl can be easy and fun if you decide on the right wall design. Flower wallpaper for a girl is an excellent choice that will bring softness, charm and warmth to the interior. Floral motifs are timeless and always fashionable, so it is worth investing in such a wallpaper to create a cozy place for our kid.

When choosing a flower wallpaper for a girl, it is worth noting the variety of designs and colors. This allows us to choose the perfect motif that will fit the character and tastes of our girl. It is also worth remembering that floral wallpaper can be not only romantic, but also modern and stylish, if we decide on the right color scheme and design.

Flower wallpaper for a girl can also be a great background for other decor elements, such as furniture, textiles and accessories. Thus, we will create a coherent and harmonious arrangement that will please the eye of both us and our child. Whether we choose soft pastels or vivid and juicy colors, floral wallpaper will certainly add a unique character to a girl's room.

A variety of floral wallpapers for girls

Wallpaper in flowers for a girl are available in a wide selection of designs and styles, so everyone can find something suitable for their child. When choosing flower wallpaper, it is worth paying attention to how it will affect the atmosphere of the child's room. Depending on the chosen design, the wallpaper can add romance, modernity or coziness to the interior.

Children's wallpaper in flowers: what motifs are the most popular?

Among children's floral wallpapers Several of the most popular floral motifs for children can be distinguished. Among them are:

  • Roses - a classic and romantic motif that brings elegance and charm to a girl's room.
  • Daisies - delicate and subtle flowers that add lightness and freshness to the interior.
  • Peonies or magnolias - large, showy flowers that bring a touch of luxury and sophistication to a girl's room.
  • Wallpaper in flowers with watercolor effect - delicate, blurred flowers that bring an artistic atmosphere to the interior.
  • Wallpaper in flowers with a vintage motif - flowers in a retro style, which bring the atmosphere of the old years to the girl's room.

Choosing floral wallpaper for a girl, it is worth paying attention to her tastes and style of the interior to create a coherent and harmonious arrangement of the child's room.

Types of floral wallpaper available in

The store offers you will find a variety of floral wallpapers, which are perfect for a girl's room. Depending on individual preferences and the style of the interior, you can choose fleece wallpaper, washable fleece wallpaper or decorative wallpaper with a canvas texture. Each of these types of wallpaper has its own advantages and disadvantages, which are worth knowing before deciding to buy.

Fleece wallpaper - Advantages

Fleece wallpaper in flowers is a popular choice because of its many advantages. Compared to other materials, interlining wallpaper is more environmentally friendly, as it is made of cellulose and polyester fibers. In addition, interlining wallpaper is easy to install, as the adhesive is applied directly to the wall, rather than to the wallpaper. Among other advantages are:

  • Breathable structure that prevents the formation of mold and mildew on the wall.
  • Highly resistant to mechanical damage and sunlight.
  • Ability to easily remove wallpaper in its entirety, without the need for specialized chemicals.

However, it is worth remembering that fleece wallpaper can be a bit more expensive.

Custom floral wallpaper.

If you are looking for a unique design, it is worth considering custom floral wallpapers. In the store it is possible to order wallpaper Customized to individual needs and dimensions of the wall. Custom wallpaper is the perfect solution for those who want to create a unique and personalized interior of a girl's room.

Wallpaper large flowers or delicate flowers: what to choose for a girl?

Deciding on floral wallpaper, it is worth considering whether a better choice would be large flowers wallpaper or delicate flowers. Wallpaper in large flowers can add definition to a girl's room and provide a strong decorative accent, while wallpaper in delicate flowers will introduce a more subtle atmosphere, ideal for little princesses. The choice between the two styles depends on individual preferences and the nature of the interior.

Daisy wallpaper: Why should you consider this pattern?

Among the various floral wallpaper designs, it is worth noting daisy wallpaper. Daisies are a universal and timeless motif that brings a spring atmosphere to the interior and adds lightness. Daisy wallpaper can be an excellent choice for a girl's room, as it brings a pleasant atmosphere to the interior, conducive to relaxation and rest.

Color floral wallpaper: how to match with the rest of the decor?

Choosing floral color wallpapers, it is worth paying attention to how they will harmonize with the rest of the room's decor. For example, peony floral wallpaper can add depth and elegance to an interior, but it is worth ensuring that the colors of the wallpaper harmonize with the rest of the decor. In the case of floral wallpaper colors, it is worth paying attention to the colors of furniture, textiles and accessories to create a cohesive and cozy space.

Minimalist wallpaper in a girl's room: is it a good choice?

Minimalist wallpaper may also be an interesting option in a girl's room. Although slightly less expressive than floral wallpaper, minimalist wallpaper can bring calm and balance to an interior. The choice between minimalist wallpaper and more colorful wallpaper depends on individual preferences and the style of the interior. However, it is worth remembering that minimalist wallpaper can provide an excellent background for other decorations and accessories that can stand out against it.

Roses wallpaper, Wallpaper small blue flowers, Wallpaper in small tea flowers

Blue girl's room with floral wallpaper: Inspirations

Blue girl's room with floral wallpaper can be a great idea for interior design. The blue color brings calm and relaxation to a girl's room, and the floral wallpaper adds romance and girlish charm. It is worth paying attention to ensure that the blue color harmonizes with other elements of the decor, such as furniture, textiles and accessories. A well-chosen floral wallpaper can make little girl's room a place full of charm and inspiration.

See - Flower posters

Floral motifs are also available in the form of posters which will allow you to create a cohesive arrangement that is sure to bring joy to the little resident of this magical room.

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