New York style wallpaper

Original price was: 139,00 zł.Current price is: 104,25 zł. / m²
Original price was: 139,00 zł.Current price is: 104,25 zł. / m²
Original price was: 139,00 zł.Current price is: 104,25 zł. / m²

New York style in interior design

It has long inspired with its metropolitan elegance and functionality. It is characterized by thoughtful spatial solutions that reflect the spirit of the modern metropolis and combine comfort with luxury. Among the decorative elements, wallpaper plays a particularly important role, which can completely change the character of a room, adding individuality and distinctiveness.

The balance between style and functionality is key. A New York-style interior, whether for adults or children, should be a place that promotes relaxation and responds to the needs of its users. The right wallpaper can emphasize the character of an apartment and add a unique touch, while being an element that can be easily changed as preferences change or children grow.

New York's color palette

The colors of the New York style are white, greys and accents pomegranate or emerald, which bring depth and dynamism. Color accents in the form of expressive accessories or wallpaper break the monochromatic base, creating a unique atmosphere in the interior. This combination emphasizes elegance and contemporary in style.

Luxury materials and textures

The New York style is valued for its use of luxury materials Such as marble, velour or natural wood. Textures and materials blend into the space while enhancing its character. Smooth surfaces of furniture or wallpapers with large patterns give the interior luxury appearance.

Frequently asked questions

The New York style of wallpaper reflects urban chic and elegance, bringing elements characteristic of a metropolis like New York into the interior. When considering wallpaper in this style, whether for adults or children, it is important to pay attention to the details that define this unique design.

What are the characteristics of the New York style in wallpaper?

New York style in wallpaper is characterized by the use of large, often bold patterns and geometric and abstract motifs. Typically, wallpapers are chosen to add elegance to the interior, often wallpapers with large patterns, for example. belts.

What colors and patterns are typical of New York-style wallpaper in both adult and children's spaces?

The New York style is dominated by monochromatic color palettes with accents of metallic elements, such as gold or silver. Typical are wallpapers with large, upholstered headboard, which give the space a luxurious feel.

How do New York style wallpapers affect the optical enlargement of interior spaces?

Bright wallpaper with horizontal stripes or delicate patterns can optically enlarge a room.

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