Frequently asked questions

  • What is a metric?

Metric is an individually personalized poster which contains the most important information from the day of birth of the child, i.e. Name, date, weight, time of birth. Data of the birth tags in our store are illustrative. Each order of a birth certificate is made individually, based on the information provided in the order.

  • What is the difference between a metric, an initial and a metric initial?

The metric is an illustration with additional information about the birth of the child. The metric initial is the uppercase first letter of the child's name along with one of the characters and the child's birth details. The initial is just the first letter of the child's name with an accompanying character.

  • Are the posters sold with frames included?

Posters are sold without frames. Frames can be purchased in addition to posters and metrics.

  • What size frame should I choose?

Frames should be selected based on the size of the poster. If the poster is A3 size then when selecting a frame, choose the corresponding A3 size.

  • Are the posters framed?

If the order includes both the poster and the matching frames, we personally handle the framing of the posters. Frames for shipping are packed in special reinforced boxes so that they arrive safely to the customer.

  • Is it possible to ship overseas?

Yes, there is no problem with shipping abroad. By default we send packages by Polish Post but if the cost of the courier is close to the post office then we send packages by DPD courier.

  • Which goods are subject to returns?

Only products NOT personalized are eligible for returns.

  • What is the waiting time?

We always do our best to prepare the order as soon as possible. each order is individually printed and therefore we assume a lead time of 3 to 7 working days.

  • What is the difference between paper and canvas?

We use only the highest quality materials. Both paper and canvas are premium materials. The main difference is in the texture. Canvas has a unique texture that makes it hard to distinguish whether it's printed or actually painted. This does not mean that the paper is inferior. Professional archival matte paper is also excellent. Both mediums offer guarantees of perfect color reproduction and preservation for many, many years.

  • Can modifications be made to the poster metric?

Yes. Sometimes customers have special requests and then such is individually reviewed and executed by us.

  • Is it worth buying kits?

Definitely yes. In a set, the price of a single poster is much lower.

  • Are the posters hand-painted or printed?

Posters are perfect reproductions of author's illustrations. Each design that we use is our own work painted with watercolor technique. Then by a special method it is transferred to the electronic version so that no quality or colors are lost. Finally subjected to the final processing and printed on one of our media, i.e. paper or canvas.