Birth poster with a letter

Metrics with a letter - a unique decoration for a child's room

You want to do unique gift Your child or nephew or niece? Our lettered nametags are a suggestion you should consider. These perfectly crafted nametags will catch your little one's eye and make him like his room more, which is his little kingdom. Personalized nametags allow each child to feel even more comfortable in his space and support him in discovering the world around him. Such a gift is priceless!

Birth poster for kids is a multitude of designs that are attractive to the child and at the same time make an amazing room decoration. Choose a nametag that your little one or loved one will look up to every day!

Hand-painted metric with a letter, or a unique gift for a child

The collection of lettered metrics was created with the little ones in mind. Each design is in 100% hand painted with watercolor technique and is a unique composition - a beautifully decorated letter of the child's name is its focal point. What is important, the color scheme of our metrics is kept in eye-pleasing pastel colors.

We also offer one-of-a-kind tags for girls As well as unconventional name tags for a boy, making the space of a child's room more personal and cozy. Birth poster for a boy or girl's name or letter is a great idea for an original gift that can be a wonderful keepsake years later!

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