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Stickers for kids


Stickers for children are interesting wall decorations that offer a lot of possibilities. Thanks to them, you can create almost any image on the walls of a child's bedroom, and you can set its individual elements yourself. Wall stickers for children that you will find at Royal Rabbits is a unique collection of author's design. All proposals are hand-painted, and a wide selection of designs will make it easy for you to find the perfect one for your little one's bedroom.

One-of-a-kind hand-painted stickers for baby's room

Our wall stickers for children are different from the proposals available in other stores. These are decorations made on the basis of original, completely unique designs, and the result is one-of-a-kind children's wall stickers, which you will not find at any other manufacturer.

All children's stickers available in our store are hand-painted using the watercolor method. Some of them are available in several sizes to choose from. The design is applied to a durable high-quality medium with a white-colored backing. As a result, you can successfully stick them on colored surfaces without worrying about the translucence of unwanted shades.

Stickers for a child's room have a strong adhesive that stably holds them in place. However, it is gentle on the structure of the wall and paint - it does not penetrate them, so that when changing the arrangement, the wall stickers can be peeled off without leaving visible traces or damage.

Bunnies, dinosaurs, daisies, cars - the choice is huge!

The stickers we offer for a child's bedroom are very diverse. You will find both boy's and girl's room stickers, with cute animals, prehistoric creatures, floral or even automotive motifs.

Some of the girls' favorite themes include. Stickers of deer in the grass or Stickers Bunnies and Butterflies, adorable designs with animals. Boys are more likely to choose such proposals as Dinosaurs stickers or Aircraft stickers With bright clouds. There are also many universal designs such as Balloons Blue, which are great for, among other things, stickers over the crib, and regardless of the gender of the toddler.

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