Birth poster for a boy

Metric for a boy - a unique keepsake for years to come

Want to make a gift for your son, godson or nephew? Our baby tags is a proposal worth your special attention if you are looking around for a unique gift that can become a keepsake for many years.

The metrics for boys included in the offer are one-of-a-kind products available in many designs. The nameplates were handmade and are distinguished by their high aesthetics and durability. Thanks to them, you can beautifully decorate the room, and make the space where the child lives every day even friendlier for the little one. We also recommend tags for girls - are also unique and available in many designs.

Unique hand-painted nametags for the little explorer

Take a look at our unusual metrics for little explorers who are just beginning to learn about the world. We offer metric designs that stimulate a child's curiosity and encourage them to explore the world around them. Intriguing vehicles, fairy-tale or country animals and other designs located in the central part of the metric have been painted with the utmost care and have eye-pleasing pastel colors.

Importantly, all the nametags are handmade at 100%, using a watercolor technique to paint them. Choose a birth tag with a boy's name or tag with a letter being the initial of the child's name, being sure that each of our products is unique in many ways!

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