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Hubert bear tag

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Dane do metryczki

Prosimy o precyzyjne wpisywanie danych w zamówienie metryczki gdyż są one bezpośrednio nanoszone na produkt.

Hubert bear tag

Metric teddy bears

Birth poster for a boy

is a high-quality print of the author's illustration hand-painted in watercolor technique.
Ideal decoration and addition of the interior of the house, children's room of boy and girl.

What makes our products different?

  • Author's illustrations painted in watercolor technique
  • Highest quality photographic printing.
  • Top quality paper and canvas.
  • Preserving perfect colors for many many years.
  • Each tag is printed on an individual order.

Metrics are available in many sizes:

  • 30×20 cm
  • 40×30 cm
  • 60×40 cm

Each tag is printed on high-quality media:

  • 230g archival matte paper
  • Fine Art Canvas

Both media ensure years of perfect color retention.
Matte 100% cotton canvas with a naturally bright surface is unique for its perfect reflection of the original illustration, and is used by professionals for art reproductions and by us.

Special photogravure printing provides very high quality illustrations and color reproduction thanks to special 10 photographic inks.

Both paper and canvas combined with high quality inks guarantee that our posters will be durable and will not fade for very many years.

What are metrics? - baby tag
The birth of a child is the most important moment in the life of every parent. The birth of our offspring is a moment that we want to document and remember forever, so it is worth taking care to highlight it properly. A good idea may turn out to be metrics. Teddy Bear Metric For a child's room is information about the date of birth, height, weight and name of the child, which are documented in various forms. Our baby nametags are high-quality prints with author's illustrations painted in watercolor technique, which are perfect as decoration for any room.

Guarantee of quality and durability of baby tags
The most beautiful baby tags that impress with beautiful design and high quality workmanship. They are carefully designed and made of the highest quality materials, which makes them not only beautiful, but also durable and resistant to damage. A variety of designs are available in the store bear with a tag, which can be personalized according to your preferences, so that every customer will find something suitable. Birth poster for kids from royalrabbits is a beautiful and practical room decoration and a keepsake for a lifetime.

Personalized baby tags for any occasion
In our store you can order personalized baby nametags for any occasion. They can be decorated with a name, date of birth, as well as additional graphics and poems. Thanks to this, the birth tags become a unique gift that can be given to a child on the occasion of birth, baptism, first birthday or any other important occasion for the family. All the nametags are made with attention to the smallest detail and meet the highest quality standards.Personalization of baby nametags makes them not only practical, but also full of emotion and sentiment, making them the perfect gift for any child.

Why choose baby tags from royalrabbits?
In addition to a wide range of designs and personalization options, it is worth choosing Metric with a teddy bear from royalrabbits because of the high quality workmanship and durability of the product. The nametags are carefully made of the best quality materials, which guarantees long use without the risk of damage or loss of quality. In addition, we make sure that each nametag is personalized according to the customer's individual preferences, making it a unique and inimitable gift for the baby.

Dimensions 40 × 30 cm

Archival Matte Paper, Fine Art Canvas

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