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Customized wallpaper from £105/m²
Match the wallpaper exactly to your wall


Store "Royal Rabbits" is a magical place for parents and their kids. We offer unusual wall decorations ie. hand-painted characters in retro style, posters with teddy bears, flowers wallpapers or wall stickers. they are created with attention to every detail, even the smallest.

Be my Sweetheart

A joint project between two brands - Little Room and Royal Rabbits - gives rise to a unique collection of products

Living room and bedroom wallpapers

Project: Architect Malwina Wilczek. Mala&Co. @Malvina_wilczek Photos: Radoslaw Kazmierczak @radkm

Vintage wallpapers with dots, bars and stripes motifs is a unique way to give your interior a distinctive retro style. These patterns are reminiscent of the aesthetics of the 50s and 60s. Classic dots give the wallpaper a cheerful and light look, perfect for a kitchen or children's room. 


Wall stickers for kids planes and clouds
Planes and clouds wall stickers
Stickers for kids with teddy bear and stars
Teddy Bear wall stickers
Wall stickers for girls bunnies and butterflies
Bunnies and butterflies wall stickers

The store's wide assortment includes wallpapers with various motifs, wall stickers with dogs, sarnies wall stickers for a girl, cars wall stickers for a boy as well as airplanes wall stickers, which will be a great addition to any child's room. 


Introducing hand-painted teddy bears Which can not be missing in the room of your child. Retro-style illustrations are the perfect decoration for the walls of a child's room, It's an absolute hit that can not be missing in your little one's room as well.

Collections personalized lettered metrics They add originality and charm. Each tag is a unique composition, where the beautifully decorated letter of the name becomes the focal point. 

Baby metric 1:1 This is a unique gift to celebrate the birth of a child. Each tag is individually prepared specially to order to perfectly reproduce the size of your little one on the day of birth.

Ola Węgielek-król Architect

About me

I am an architect who is fully committed to my profession, creating not only functional spaces, but also introducing modern and inspiring elements into projects. However, the most important role in my life is being a mother of two wonderful children.

In my role as a mother, I experience the most beautiful moments, learning new aspects of love and devotion every day. It is for them that I strive to create unique interiors that not only meet their needs, but also develop their imagination and creativity. Knowing how important the environment is for children's development, I engage not only in designing functional spaces, but also in creating designs for children, such as wallpaper and wall decorations.

My work as an architect becomes not only a professional challenge, but also a way to express my passion for design, especially when I create something special for the little ones. Combining the roles of mother and architect, I try to pass on my experience and skills in creating friendly and inspiring spaces for children, where they can develop fully, surrounded by love and creativity.

up to 10 days

Except for personalized products

Wallpaper for kids, wall stickers, decorations for kids
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