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Kitchen wallpapers


Do you want to transform the decor of your kitchen? Use our wallpapers for this, which differ from other proposals by unique hand-painted designs, exceptional durability and a wide range of choices, including in terms of manufacturing materials. Whether you are looking for a delicate pattern in bright colors, or perhaps a motif that will become a distinct accent of the interior, you will find the perfect proposal in our collection!

Hand-painted wallpaper for the kitchen in unique patterns

Create a completely unique space in your home and choose kitchen wallpapers in unique patterns! All wallpapers for the wall for the kitchen and beyond available at Royal Rabbits is a collection of completely original designs painted by hand using the watercolor method. You won't meet any of them in the offer of other stores, because we make all of them ourselves from scratch.

Four wallpaper materials to choose from

Each of our wallpapers can be made on four types of materials to choose from. You'll choose the right one for you when placing your order, right next to the specific wallpaper and its size, even before adding the product to your cart. Available options include smooth interlining, washable interlining, as well as two materials with a texture that deceptively resembles natural linen or silk.

Due to the presence of moisture, washable wallpaper is the most common choice for kitchens. Our washable wallpaper for the kitchen is not only practical, water-resistant and easy to clean, but also made in an artistic style to bring a unique mood to your home.

Kitchen wallpaper in cozy retro style - lemons, flowers and more

Are you decorating a classic kitchen in bright colors? Be sure to complement its arrangement with appropriate wall decorations such as, for example checkered wallpapers or elegant striped wallpapers. Choose a delicate pattern fine stripes wallpaper, and it will compose well with white furniture or countertops. Decorative checkered blue wallpaper can also look beautiful with light-colored furniture, but it will also complement well arrangements in which unpainted wood appears.

Much attention is paid to the kitchen wallpaper lemons, which through yellow accents of fruit enlivens the space. Or perhaps you prefer romantic floral wallpapers? Among other things, it looks beautiful in the kitchen magnolia flower wallpaper, but the selection is much wider, so you can be sure to find the right design for any arrangement.

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