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Kids posters

Hang on the walls of your child's bedroom hand-painted posters from Royal Rabbits, stimulate his imagination and bring a truly fairytale mood to the room. A wide selection of designs will make it easy for you to choose the right poster for every toddler. How about opting for a set that will become a complete and unique wall decoration?

Compose a unique wall gallery of hand-painted posters for children

What distinguishes our posters for children? First of all, it's their uniqueness. All the designs you will find in our store are hand-painted based on original ideas. As a result, they are unique, one-of-a-kind and distinguished by a distinctive author's style arising from a combination of the watercolor method and children's retro designs.

At Royal Rabbits you will find wall posters for girls and boys, and both a child fascinated by the world of animals and even automobiles. Many of them are not only a stylish decoration for a child's bedroom, but also serve as a educational posters. Note, for example, the following Map of the World poster, which will not only stimulate the imagination of the toddler, but also show him the locations of various animals.

Instead of choosing individual posters, you can reach for a set, including a ready-made one such as the following Rabbit and Planes posters or composed independently and create a unique wall gallery for the child. This is a solution that will work well in a child's bedroom, as well as in a playroom or even a kindergarten room.

Choose your poster's dimensions, material and suitable frame

Children's room posters from our range are available in different sizes, and they are printed on different materials. There are two media to choose from: matte archival paper and canvas. Both ensure the highest quality of printing and its durability that guarantees the beautiful appearance of the posters for years to come.

Want your chosen wall poster to be ready to hang right away? Choose the right frame in the matching size. You can choose between oak frames in a natural shade of wood and solid white frames. In addition, your poster can have a so-called passe-partout, which is a kind of decorative frame that covers the edges of the poster.

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Which poster to choose? Find the perfect one among dozens of designs!

In this category you will find a huge selection of various posters, among which you are sure to choose the perfect one for your child. The most popular are posters with animals, including. teddy bear posters or bunny posters, which will work well both in the bedroom of a toddler and a few years old. Children also like to choose dinosaur posters and forest posters With patterns that look like fairy tale illustrations. You'll also find metrics for the youngest and letter posters From the child's name.

Decorating your little explorer's bedroom? Look out for designs such as Balloon Blue poster With a blue balloon flying among the clouds. Or maybe you need a delicate decoration for a girl's room? A great choice could be, among others Aniela Bunny poster With a pet in a cute pink dress.

Choosing the right wall posters for a child's room can be crucial to creating a cozy and inspiring space for your little one. Children's posters are not only decoration, but also a way to develop imagination, interests and learning through play. In this guide, you'll learn how to choose and arrange wall posters to create a harmonious and functional composition in your child's room.

Variety of posters for children: from educational to artistic

Among posters for children you can find a wide variety of proposals that will fulfill both educational and artistic functions. Children's posters can not only be a decoration, but also help in learning and developing the interests of a toddler. Therefore, it is worth learning about the different types of posters to choose the most suitable ones for your child.

Educational posters: colorful world map on the wall of a child's room

Placing colorful world map on the wall child's room can bring many benefits. With this poster, children learn geography, learn the names of countries and continents, and develop their spatial imagination. In addition, the colorful map can inspire conversations about cultures, customs and languages of different nations.

educational poster letters alphabet

Alphabet posters : inspirational images for baby's room

Poster showing hand-painted alphabet with fruits and vegetables is another proposal that can inspire and educate children. This kind of paintings for children's room help teach letters, develop biological interests, and learn about the variety of fruits and vegetables.

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Set of 3 posters for children's room: harmonious composition on the wall

Selection set of 3 posters for the children's room can be a great solution if you want to create a coherent and harmonious composition on the wall. Poster set with similar themes or colors allows you to create an interesting visual effect that attracts a child's attention and encourages learning and imagination.

A gift for a baby girl for one year old
Kids posters
Hubert teddy bear posters, Stanislaw rabbit letter poster and auto shelby

How to choose the right children's posters for the character of your child's room

Selection relevant children's posters is key to creating a cohesive and cozy child's room arrangement. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to several aspects that will help select posters that match the character and style of the interior. Below is a guide to choosing themes for posters for girls, boys, newborns and babies.

Posters for a girl's room: which themes to choose?

In the case of posters for a girl's room, it is worth noting themes related to her interests and passions. Popular themes include flowers, ballerinas, princesses or animals. It is important to girl's room dominated by soft and pastel colors, which will affect the cozy atmosphere of the interior. It may also be a good idea to choose posters with motivation and affirmation, which will support the development of the girl.

Wall posters for boys: from cars to balloons

In the case of wall posters for boys, it is worth betting on themes related to their interests, such as cars, dinosaurs, sports or superheroes. Particularly popular are posters related to cosmos baby's room, which stimulate imagination and interest in science. It is important to choose posters with vibrant and energetic colors, which will affect a positive atmosphere in the boy's room.

Arranging a child's room with posters: practical tips

Creation of child's room arrangement using posters can be a great way to decorate an interior while introducing educational and inspirational elements. In this section, we will provide practical tips on how to decorate a child's room posters to create a cozy and functional interior.

How to decorate a child's room with posters: step by step

  1. Choose the theme of the posters - start by determining what motifs will fit your child's interests and tastes, as well as style children's room minimalist or interior color scheme.

  2. Determine the number and placement of posters - Consider how many posters you want to put on the walls and how to arrange them to create a harmonious composition.

  3. Choose the right size for your posters - match the size of the posters to the size of the wall on which they are to be placed, and to the rest of the design elements child's room.

  4. Purchase of posters and frames - After choosing themes and sizes, purchase posters and possibly frames to match the style of the interior.

  5. Prepare the walls - Make sure the walls are clean and dry before placing the posters. If necessary, use special pads to protect the walls from damage.

  6. Put posters on the walls - use the appropriate mounting method, such as mounting tapes, adhesives or hooks, to place the posters on the walls in the desired locations.

Posters of many dimensions: how to match the size to the interior?

Choosing the right size poster is key to creating a harmonious room arrangement. Here are some tips on how to match the size of the poster to the interior child's room:

  1. Measure the wall - Before buying a poster, measure the dimensions of the wall on which it is to be placed to avoid the poster being too big or too small.

  2. Consider the other design elements - Match the size of the poster to the furniture, decorations or other design elements to create a cohesive composition.

  3. Choose the ratio - Consider whether the poster should be square, rectangular or panoramic to match the shape of the wall and the style of the interior.

  4. Take advantage of different sizes - if you plan to put several posters on the wall, consider using different sizes to create an interesting and dynamic composition.

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